Victory of Donald Trump for US Presidency and His Statement of Banning Muslims in America

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future”.
       “John F. Kennedy”
After tough competition for Presidency of US and residency of White House, finally Donald Trump conquer the election and become the first ever President of US without any political background or experience. Its really a shocking victory in the history of US because Hillary Clinton was leading in polls since day 1st and everyone is hoping for her success, specially after receiving the clearance chit from FBI about email issue, she was hot favorite candidate for US presidency. 2016 US election results are unexpected for all over the world, Hillary Clinton received 60,122,876 votes while the Donald Trump received 59,821,874 votes. Donald Trump’s triumph was not inscribe in stars. He won a plurality, not a majority, while mislaying the public popular vote to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump said at the starting of his election campaign, he called Mexican immigrants “terrorists” and “rapists” in his proclamation speech. Donald Trump’s inconsiderate and self centered statement chauvinist asides petrify elites, Muslims, journalists, Democrats, African-Americans and others.
Well its another thing that his statement of banning Muslims in US and other Anti Islam and Anti Muslims comments are disappeared from his website on 8th Nov 2016. All of the sudden he removes all negative content about banning Muslims in US, so is this really beginning of friendship with Muslim countries or Mr Trump really wants to show some positive image about Muslims. NO NEVER! Donald Trump’s vow to contradict entry to the US for all Muslims temporarily dissipate from his campaign website The expulsion create new question marks about one of  Donald Trump’s most contentious pledges. But all data was restored on Thursday afternoon Nov 10th 2016, by saying that its technical glitch.
Donal Trump said “I Love Pakistan” , “We Love Pakistan” and shows thumbs-up sign on the Cameras. So Mr.Donald Trump, Congratulations not Celebrations, because of your anti Muslim statements. I am Muslim and i am not terrorist., every Muslim is not terrorist. Good Wishes for your Presidency.

Author: Kanwal Sahito

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