Transgender in Pakistan, Their Rights and The Brutal Behavior of Our Society with Transgenders

” Transgender Rights are Human Rights”

Transgender Rights

“Even if we’re begging, it’s not as if we’re stealing or looting.” These were the hard hitting words of the signature Transgender.

Transgender (known as Khusra) refers a category of people who has the slightest consignment of admiration and basic rights in Pakistan. Due to the congested and archetypal mindset of people, the social rights of Transgender are not even discussed in Pakistan’s worldly-wise circles. Most Of the citizens not even consider the Transgender as a part of their community. Huge dismissal is frequently faced by transgender approximately all over the Pakistan. As specified in recent investigate about transgenderism, about one out of fifty children are discern with a transgender propensity. Recent research on transgenderism proved that about 2% of population is affected by transgenderism in Pakistan. In Pakistan, transgenders are generally recognized by the families. Most of the Pakistani families turn into antagonistic towards them. For example, austere warnings are given to them to revolutionize their manners, bundle of word warnings given to them and most of are rejected by their circles and community.The most susceptible and marginalized minority communities in Pakistan, transgender, every now and then referred to as Khusra or Khwaja Siras .

This is the story of one Transgender in Peshawar, neglected by family and ridicule by their people, the life of a Pakistani transgender is forlorn. Alisha was just 23 years old while she was attemted5 times last month, purportedly by a boyfriend who has since been arrested. She expired of her lesion 3 days later. Alisha’s associates said that she was uncared by doctors and medical staff who torment her brutally treated her after 3 hours Alisha went into surgical procedure after arriving at the hospital. As she has huge blood loss, she crowded by Hospital caretakers who making jokes and derides her. Her friend Paro recalled “‘she is not dancing. She is dying. For God and the Prophet’s sake leave her alone, let her breathe”.

As persona non Grata, Pakistan’s transgender populaces are habitually enforced into begging, dancing and even prostitution to make money. They also exist in fright of attacks, causing most to either change their names or use only one name to give them anonymity in their society.

Recently another discreditable accident took place in Sialkot where the reprobate Jajja Butt, beat up a transgender in Sialkot in excess of snub to pay exaction cash. Though, a transgender allegedly present at the place of the occurrence profess such hordes are in almost every second city of Pakistan and they get pleasure from tormenting members of the community. On the other hand, when proceed towards in penitentiary; Jajja Butt had a dissimilar story. He affirms the confrontation was a personal subject among him and the transgender. As per his statement: “She was my lover but was physically involved with other men”. The other side of the story, where the transgender Julie said in the video went viral on facebook: “We were beaten up and gang raped all night,” moreover she claimed that: “They hit us with shoes, spit on our faces and made us slurp their urine”. The gang’s head, recognized as Jajja Butt, is spotted in the videotape spanking the transgender person, who set down on a folding bed blaring in pain.

“This country has laws for everyone, even animals, but not for us. Are we children of a lesser God?” Asked Julie.

Author: Kanwal Sahito

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