Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump the nominee of republican party for US president 2016. He was born in 14th June 1946 and known as an American Businessman and television producer. He also earn some name by spitting shit about Muslims and Islam. Currently he stand for US president nomination against Hillary Clinton. Hilary Clinton is the best American politician and the wife of previous president Bill Clinton. She was born on 26th October 1947. Currently she is leading in polls and much strong candidate than trump. Still its too early to decide about the leading because its politics and you never know the results before the final decision.

Despite of the nearness of current preferences to participate, 80 percent of likely voters still expect Hillary Clinton to win. This, too, may be a hazard to her, potentially cheering some Clinton followers not to hassle voting. Hillary Clinton continues to lead Trump in 2 key ascribe. Hillary is seen as more eligible to serve as president by a substantial 54-36% of supporters. She’s also seen to have a stronger moral character, although by a closer 46-38%.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s leading in the polls over Republican Donald Trump is dribbling still as controversy nurture over her use of a personal email server while serving as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton’s number of chances of winning the White House are just marginally more than 77 % , as stated by polls rating till now, so it gives Trump only 23% possibility of success on the 8th November 2016, so here shows that the Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning remains high than Trump. Well it’s too early to analyze the effect of the most recent email scandal could have an impact on Hillary Clinton’s election campaign but heretofore the Trump was up ground in recent time. His chances of winning had descended suddenly in the early Oct after he was smack with a waggle of affirmation that he sexually abused women. Many Asian countries are also in the favor of Clinton because Trump’s previous record about Muslims and Islam ruined his image in Muslim countries. Trump also plan to ban Muslim immigrants in US while he is earning millions by business deals in Muslim countries where Islam is the main religion.¬† While Mrs.Clinton had some soft corner for Muslims and she clear her statement by this phrase “We are a country founded on religious¬†freedom and liberty” and this is the democracy. So we loud our voice for Hillary Clinton as she possibly become the future US president.

Author: Kanwal Sahito

Owner and author at http://www.loudyourvoice.com/