Freedom of Media in Pakistan

chai wala afia sidiqui qandeel baloch

Freedom of media shows the country’s image to the world and personally i am in veneration of this freedom, but now a days its strenuous to decide that either our media is using freedom or taking privilege of this freedom. Like seriously, media and their correspondent forget that how to work for the country in manners. Qandeel baloch is a big example of media trial. We all know where she belongs from and what she does, but our media make her social star. Mufti Qawi, we all know about him, he was member of royat hilal committee and might be had some social or personal terms with Qandeel Baloch. Whatever between them but our media colored it in very wrong way, all channels gave breaking news about her terms with Mufti Qawi. Finally she left the world because her brother kill her on the name of honor. She was more than son for her parents and was the only light in dark. I am not accepting that her brother kills her, its the media who kills her. Cherry on the top, her parents specially her father  inculpate Mufti Qawi for her homicide but then nobody screen her and she conceal forever. Secondly the female journalist get smacked by FC police servant. Firstly i feel very bad for her, but later than watched the video and her words plus acts to FC servant was totally insufferable. She was pulling him from uniform and used abusive language so this result expected from FC servant. He was right i don’t know but he was not wrong. Media just extend across the limits some of the times. Last but not least, media loud their voice for inconsequential issues such as Chai wala, (here let me more delineate, Nida Yasir was invited him in her show and she continued embarrass him by talking him in English. as every1 knows he is simple man with limited education and also shy type guy. Nida Yasir insist him to make selfies with all the ladies their in the show.) Imran Khan’s 4th marriage ( which is not true),  Justin sisters and so on, but media doesn’t loud their voice for such serious and important issues like about Afia Siddiqui, she was in US jail since years but nobody cares. she is MIT trained neuroscientist and in prison for no reason, she is daughter of a country but here no honor, no media, no politicians.

Author: Kanwal Sahito

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