Child Abuse Statistics and Awareness about Child Abuse

Child abuse
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It’s very difficult to imagine that anyone intentionally hurting a child. Still about 1 million children are abused every year just in the US alone. Not just 1 million but these are only the reported occurrence of child abuse, many other cases are not reported and undiscovered, often because children are frightened to tell someone who can help them out. Child abuse took place almost in every country worldwide and many countries hide this dangerous issue to save their world image. Normally it took place when parents forget their responsibilities and start ignoring their child and do trust on anonymous or caregiver to handover their child, here the main reason of child abuse is home disputes which take place when mother or father cant live together and the result become in shape of divorce. It totally destroy the kids and they go in depression, because they could not imagine their life without any of them. If mother leaves the kid then father got marry 2nd time and mostly many of them start doing blind trust on their 2nd wife and completely handover child to brand new step relation and here the story begins. Innocent minds of babies couldn’t understand the evil face of society and this will damage their personality and everyone took advantage of their innocence. On the other hand if¬† father leave the kids then women got married 2nd time then chances of child abuse might be¬†intensify because step father couldn’t be your real father but now a days we could not trust on any one even on real blood relations. In rural areas many cases found about sex relation in blood relations. Is it really paucity of education or something else never know about it, but if its really paucity of education or awareness then why these cases happens in foreign countries? As they are highly educated and also educate about extra awareness of sexual issues. Many abusers are strangers so never leave your child with any servant alone at home or outside even, specially in toddler age because your toddler is still unable to understand the evilness of society, they are innocent, they are angles. This shameful act of child abuse also addressed in Madarsas where they kill the kids after doing such shameful act, even many times media reports such cases but the result was nil. Many kids gone victims and some of them might be gone survivors, the quantity of survivors is too less then victims, there are many reasons behind the story.

Indications and Signs:

It’s not easy always to identify when a child has been mistreated or get abused. Children who have been ill-treated are frequently scared to tell anybody, because they think they will be censure or might be no one will trust on them. Many times they lats silent because the reason behind is person who abused them is one they love too much, or might be because of trepidation. Here the parents also gravitate to overlook symptoms of abuse, because they do not want to face the veracity and this is a really momentous mistake. The child who has been abused needs extra special care and support as more as possible.


*Never leave your child alone with any one accept his own blood relation.
*Give your child free space to share everything with you and
listen carefully what your child want to say to you even with words or through the actions.
*Taught him to never go alone along with any one without your permission.
Being Human its our responsibility to loud our voice for such blameworthy and wrong doings which are taking place in our society and the ratio of victims is increasing day by day.

Author: Kanwal Sahito

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