Life Lessons:Lessons We Should Learn in Life and The Rules We Should Follow in Our Entire Life. Life is Beautiful Journey Where Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You Learn, Both Are in Your Favor



“Life is a journey where sometimes you win and sometimes you learn”

I assume “life lessons” are called with the intention of motivation. You necessitate experiencing life within sort to be taught the message. The more you practical in life, the more lessons you mount up. Nevertheless, various tremendously important lessons came from other peoples. There are a lot of life lessons I desiderate that I had to erudite while I was young enough to understand and also pertain them. The obsession through the perception, in addition to frequently by life lessons in wide-ranging, is they are learned in reconsideration, elongated after we wanted them. Cherry on the top that so many other peoples can be benefited from your experiences and the lessons you have erudite.

Here are some most important and valuable lessons of life:

1. Your bank balance (Moolah) will not ever unravel your actual dilemmas

Wealth is a utensil which can procures you essentials and also a number of fastidious “needs,” however it’s not the cure-all toward your troubles. There are tons of people in the world who are living on incredibly diminutive, thus far have fantastically full and cheerful lives, while there are wretchedly a numerous people are living on moderately a lot, yet comprise offensively depressed lives. Its bitter truth that Money can buy anything but not everything, money can buy a good house, a Mercedes, BMW either more expensive car, a wonderful shoes, even a crumb of security and other individual comforts, however it cannot fix a broken relationship, or else heal isolation, as well as the “contentment” it brings is simply transitory and not the type that actually matters. Happiness is not for sale. So if you’re expecting the “things” you can purchase to “build it well again,” you will never be happy. As someone said “life starts at the end of your comfort zone”

2. Stride yourself

We need to necessitate in deciding everything, setting up our lives, experiencing the lot, getting to the crown, discover factual love, figuring out our life’s rationale, along with doing it all on the same moment in time. Allow your lives unfold. Then notice wherever it takes you, and get moment to meditate on your decisions. Get pleasure from each bite off of food, take a moment to glance around you, permit the other person to come to an end in their side of the conversation.

3. Learn to say no, you don’t have to make everyone happy because you can’t gratify everybody

“I don’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone” – Bill Cosby.

Don’t necessitate all and sundry to be in agreement with you or even similar to you. It’s human being’s nature to wish for belong, to be liked, appreciated moreover respected, however not at the cost of your honesty and cheerfulness. That has to come up to from internal side. Loud Your Voice, fix toward your guns, emphasize yourself when its necessitate, demand respect, live true to your standards.

4. Your healthiness is your mainly precious asset

Fine fitness is repeatedly wasted on the young earlier than they have a possibility to understand it for what its value. You should be liable to acquire your fitness for permanent, as it’s presently there. You don’t have to be anxious regarding it, therefore you don’t actually disburse concentration towards, until you comprise to. Brain hemorrhage, heart disease, bone compactness, heart stroke and many other harmful diseases that can destroy your health and take you to ending zone.

5. There is no mortification in not knowing

No one have the answer of every question. So there is no mortification in saying “I don’t know.” professing to be ideal does not show your perfection. It only shows you’re maladjusted to maintain the charade of artificial excellence. You become more skilled as more as you go, that’s life. Above and beyond no one likes a make out all. A small susceptibility makes you human being.

6. Do not take anything for granted

You usually not valued what you have till it gone. It often contains our healthiness, our relations our friend circle, our profession, the money we have or else we imagine we will have tomorrow. While we’re young, it look likes that our parents will forever be there till eternity, however they won’t. Not anything in our life is guaranteed to be there tomorrow, counting those we love.

Life is too small, so why worry?

1. Clemency is a reward we give to our self.

Many people believe that the time they make a decision to forgive and forget someone who once hurt them, the one who gets the clemency is the merely one who will benefit from this type of gesture, however that is not the case. The happiest people in the world are givers, not getters.

2. Trust yourself If you don’t, no one else will.

Don’t suppose other persons to spot gold somewhere you can just see dirt. If you don’t trust in yourself, if you don’t consider yourself as a praiseworthy person, probabilities are that no one else will. Be confident and don’t lose self confident in any situation, it makes you more powerful in society.

3. The world won’t change if you don’t change.

What a perfect saying by Rumi: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

We can notice, that the outer surface of world is a mirror image of who we all are on the indoors. So if you would like the world to revolutionize, then you have to begin with yourself, moreover it’s true that there is a little something wrong with almost all of us. So don’t blindly blame others for everything, look at yourself, there is something definitely some wrong doings done by you and what others do is just the reaction of your wrong doings. Not all the time but sometimes it happens.

4. Be Yourself

Your personality show the mirror image of yours to the world so be yourself and don’t copy others, because you are you and you could not be someone else by copying their habits or actions. As saying: “ Life is the most difficult exam and many people fails because the try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has different question paper.

“Global Warming” Are We Responsible? The Greenhouse Gasses Effect and The Cold Facts About Hot Issue


“Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal”.

– Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Atmosphere revolutionize Is Making almanacs Run Amok

Clique in the area conventionally reserved time by fixing it to ecological markers, such as liquefying flurry or else the initial manifestation of a wandering bird. These “environmental calendars” include ceased to function appropriately owing to the belongings of temperature transform. An assortment of ecological shifts in the expanse, such as bizarre climate proceedings, ill-timed hostile melts, mere bursts, and modifies in creature and bird relocation prototypes, enclose unnerved the almanacs so distant outlandish so as to mainly villagers no longer utilize them, and they move violently to dependably envisage cues for setting up agricultural and intellectual actions.

What is the Reason behind the freakishly balmy wintry weather in the Eastern U.S.?

Natives from Massachusetts to Mississippi slash down their Christmas foliage although wearing casual shorts and t-shirts this time. At the present, the probabilities for a white Christmas are slender to nothing for a great deal of the East Coast, send-off children disenchanted and adults scratching their heads. 2 weeks before, temperature was 20 to 30 degrees elevated than usual in the East, devastating report in some places. Warm temperatures have returned in many places Wednesday, and forecasts for the near future suggest more of the same.

Vanished leviathan Ships Discovered in Arctic Thanks to Global Warming

While archaeologists explored the isolated northwestern shoreline of Alaska this fall, they didn’t imagine they’d discover a lot of curiosity integral, due to the area’s tremendous climate and disparaging cycles of glacial and thawing. However after that they were amazed to come transversely big sections of wooden hulls from two nineteenth century whaling ships, as well as artifacts like anchors, chains, struts, and pots for giant oil. One would anticipate everything sitting on the oceanic for that elongated to have been soil to sawdust by the ice. The boats were initially discovered by the archaeologists in Sep. The freezing water helped conserve the substance; however the artifacts are at rest deeply coated with aquatic organisms.The discovery might not have been achievable if it not intended for international global warming. Universal global warming is previously having noteworthy plus destructive outcomes on our communities, our health, as well as our environment. Marine level increase is accelerating. The amount of bulky wildfires is rising. Hazardous warm waves are becoming extra frequent. We must have to take instant exertion to deal with global warming otherwise these consequences will go on with intensify and ever more impinge on the entire world, including us, our community, and our family.

The excellent news is that we comprise the realistic panacea at hand to noticeably lessen our carbon excretions, slow the rapidity of global warming, and go well again, safer planet to upcoming generations. Global Warming is the cause of increase Earth’s standard surface temperature because of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions commencing ablaze remnant fuels or from deforestation, which entrap warmth that would otherwise flee from Earth. This is a kind of greenhouse consequence.

What are the Greenhouse Gases?

The large amount of greenhouse gas is actually water mist, not somewhat formed in a straight line by people in momentous quantity. Water steam, alternatively, condenses or vanishes, depending on limited situations. Water vapor levels therefore tend to adjust quickly to the prevailing conditions, so as to power floods from the Sun and re-radiation from the Earth attain stability.

So the question is that, the Temperature is actually varying?

Of course! As everybody has heard from the media, contemporary years contain constantly hottest in hundreds, moreover thousands of years.

Global Warming is a considerably acute and also a serious problem. So here we don’t have to to wait for governments to find a solution for this issue. Every individual should be able to take an imperative assist adopting an additional standard of living. It is the only way to hoard our globe, sooner rather than later. Global warming is rapidly becoming the major warning to the long-standing survival of America’s natural world and glaciers are also melting very fast. You should Loud Your Voice for such serious issue of climate change because “We are Warned, We will be Warmed”.

Transgender in Pakistan, Their Rights and The Brutal Behavior of Our Society with Transgenders

” Transgender Rights are Human Rights”

Transgender Rights

“Even if we’re begging, it’s not as if we’re stealing or looting.” These were the hard hitting words of the signature Transgender.

Transgender (known as Khusra) refers a category of people who has the slightest consignment of admiration and basic rights in Pakistan. Due to the congested and archetypal mindset of people, the social rights of Transgender are not even discussed in Pakistan’s worldly-wise circles. Most Of the citizens not even consider the Transgender as a part of their community. Huge dismissal is frequently faced by transgender approximately all over the Pakistan. As specified in recent investigate about transgenderism, about one out of fifty children are discern with a transgender propensity. Recent research on transgenderism proved that about 2% of population is affected by transgenderism in Pakistan. In Pakistan, transgenders are generally recognized by the families. Most of the Pakistani families turn into antagonistic towards them. For example, austere warnings are given to them to revolutionize their manners, bundle of word warnings given to them and most of are rejected by their circles and community.The most susceptible and marginalized minority communities in Pakistan, transgender, every now and then referred to as Khusra or Khwaja Siras .

This is the story of one Transgender in Peshawar, neglected by family and ridicule by their people, the life of a Pakistani transgender is forlorn. Alisha was just 23 years old while she was attemted5 times last month, purportedly by a boyfriend who has since been arrested. She expired of her lesion 3 days later. Alisha’s associates said that she was uncared by doctors and medical staff who torment her brutally treated her after 3 hours Alisha went into surgical procedure after arriving at the hospital. As she has huge blood loss, she crowded by Hospital caretakers who making jokes and derides her. Her friend Paro recalled “‘she is not dancing. She is dying. For God and the Prophet’s sake leave her alone, let her breathe”.

As persona non Grata, Pakistan’s transgender populaces are habitually enforced into begging, dancing and even prostitution to make money. They also exist in fright of attacks, causing most to either change their names or use only one name to give them anonymity in their society.

Recently another discreditable accident took place in Sialkot where the reprobate Jajja Butt, beat up a transgender in Sialkot in excess of snub to pay exaction cash. Though, a transgender allegedly present at the place of the occurrence profess such hordes are in almost every second city of Pakistan and they get pleasure from tormenting members of the community. On the other hand, when proceed towards in penitentiary; Jajja Butt had a dissimilar story. He affirms the confrontation was a personal subject among him and the transgender. As per his statement: “She was my lover but was physically involved with other men”. The other side of the story, where the transgender Julie said in the video went viral on facebook: “We were beaten up and gang raped all night,” moreover she claimed that: “They hit us with shoes, spit on our faces and made us slurp their urine”. The gang’s head, recognized as Jajja Butt, is spotted in the videotape spanking the transgender person, who set down on a folding bed blaring in pain.

“This country has laws for everyone, even animals, but not for us. Are we children of a lesser God?” Asked Julie.

Victory of Donald Trump for US Presidency and His Statement of Banning Muslims in America

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future”.
       “John F. Kennedy”
After tough competition for Presidency of US and residency of White House, finally Donald Trump conquer the election and become the first ever President of US without any political background or experience. Its really a shocking victory in the history of US because Hillary Clinton was leading in polls since day 1st and everyone is hoping for her success, specially after receiving the clearance chit from FBI about email issue, she was hot favorite candidate for US presidency. 2016 US election results are unexpected for all over the world, Hillary Clinton received 60,122,876 votes while the Donald Trump received 59,821,874 votes. Donald Trump’s triumph was not inscribe in stars. He won a plurality, not a majority, while mislaying the public popular vote to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump said at the starting of his election campaign, he called Mexican immigrants “terrorists” and “rapists” in his proclamation speech. Donald Trump’s inconsiderate and self centered statement chauvinist asides petrify elites, Muslims, journalists, Democrats, African-Americans and others.
Well its another thing that his statement of banning Muslims in US and other Anti Islam and Anti Muslims comments are disappeared from his website on 8th Nov 2016. All of the sudden he removes all negative content about banning Muslims in US, so is this really beginning of friendship with Muslim countries or Mr Trump really wants to show some positive image about Muslims. NO NEVER! Donald Trump’s vow to contradict entry to the US for all Muslims temporarily dissipate from his campaign website The expulsion create new question marks about one of  Donald Trump’s most contentious pledges. But all data was restored on Thursday afternoon Nov 10th 2016, by saying that its technical glitch.
Donal Trump said “I Love Pakistan” , “We Love Pakistan” and shows thumbs-up sign on the Cameras. So Mr.Donald Trump, Congratulations not Celebrations, because of your anti Muslim statements. I am Muslim and i am not terrorist., every Muslim is not terrorist. Good Wishes for your Presidency.

Umera Ahmed The Novelist and the Screenwriter

Novel of umera ahmed


Name of Umera Ahmed is not require any praise as she herself is a brilliant writer and novelist. Umera Ahmed was born on Dcemeber 10th 1976 and she is an excellent screenwriter, she has been wrote many popular novels which becomes popular and block buster drama serials. Meri Zaat Zarra-e-benishan is one of the best novel of Umera Ahmed and the drama comes under the 7th Sky Productions which is well-known for its phenomenal work and the drama was more astounding, specially the character of Saba is heart robbing because she dedicate herself to this character and really she is real beauty with innocence. The dialogue delivery by Saba is just speechless, this one is amazing:

“Saba- Main gunahgar hoti aur tab aap mere sath aa ker khare hote to apki mohabbat ka yakeen karleti.

Arfeen- Kaun hai Saba aisa jo kisi gunahgar ke saath khara ho?

Saba- Allah. Allah hai na. Woh gunahgar ki sunta bhi hai, usko bakhshta bhi hai. Usko nawazta bhi hai.”

Man o salwa was also best novel and Hum TV productions make it more good in drama, but here the character of Zainab not justified by Resham as she is not that much innocent as Zainab was in novel. Overall the drama was good and other characters done good job. Here are few excerpts from Man o Salwa: “Duniya kay bazaar mai Sheeraz nay apna zameer baicha tha….Uss nay apna sab say mehanga asaasa sab say “sasta” samajh kar diya tha…Ussay “zameer”k badlay “laakhon” milay….Yeh daam Sheeraz ko accha soda laga….Duniya kay bazar mai Zaini nay apni “Hayaa” rakh di thi….Uss nay apnay sab say qeemti asaasay ko “qeemti” samajh kar hi diya tha…Ussay “haya” k badlay “karoron” milay…..Jo bhi daam milay woh Zaini ko hamesha ghaatay ka soda hi laga.Aansoo ab kia thamtay….Pachtawa ab kia jata….Uss raat woh saari naseehatain ussay yaad aati raheen jo sab ussay kartay rahay thay aur jinhain sun’nay per woh tayyar nahi thi.”Woh “Haraam Rizq” ko “Man-o-Salwa” samajh kar kha raha hai usay janay do Zaini….Uss kay muqaddar mai Haraam khana hai….”Man-o-Salwa” nahi hai uss ki qismat mai.”Uss kay baap nay uss say kaha tha…..Uss kay baap ko kia pata tha kay “Man-o-Salwa” tu Zaini k muqaddar mai bhi bahi tha…Sheeraz apni wajoohat ki wajah say pesay k peechay gaya tha….Woh apni wajhoohat ki wajah say….”Jo cheez Allah nay dai Zaini ussay Insaanon say nahi maangna chahiye….Warna Insaan bara khuwar hota hai.”Maan baap ki baatain itni dair say samajh mai kiun aati hain?”

Here comes another Novel Amar Bail and its super hit novel of Umera Ahmed, its a love story of Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, set-up in the backdrop of Pakistani bureaucratic culture, and broken families. Amar Bail is ruined badly on screen and its totally worst watching. Adnan Siddiqui was the only good character as Umar, while the character of Alizeh is trounce ever character i seen in dramas because she look likes Aunty more then an innocent girl as in novel character Alizeh. here are some excerpts from Amar Bail: “kon kehta hai k kisi se aik bar mohabbat ho jane k bad us se nafrat ho sakti hai? jo kehta hai wo duniya ka sab se bara jhoota hai…cycle of replacement mein mohabbat ki replacement nahi hoti…khud ko dhoka dene k bawajood ham jante hain k hamare wajood mein khoon ki gardish ki tarah daurne wala naam kis ka hai…hum us per ek k bad mohabbaton k dher lagae jate hain, kahte jate hain, ab hum is se mohabbat karte hain, ab hum us se mohabbat karte hain….laken jo zyada door hota jata hai wo zyada pass ata jata hai…aur phir wo hamare dil aur dimagh k us kone mein ja puhanchta hai k agar kabhi use wahan se nikalna par jae to phir us k bad hum aik normal zindagi guzarne k qabil nahi rahte.”

Peer e Kamil is also worth read novel and its continued as an Aabe Hayat. Sheher e Zaat is also stupendous novel of Umera Ahmed and its more good in onscreen because Mahira Khan played marvelous role as compared in novel, her magical dialogue delivery make the viewers beaming. Here are few excerpts from sheher e Zaat: “”Allah Ki Mohabbat Ke Siwa, Har Mohabbat Ko Zawal Hai.
Rab Ki Mohabbat Ke Illawa Duniya Ki Koi Mohabbat Sachi Nahi,
Aur Rab Asliyat Dekha Deta Hai. Har Rishte, Har Mohabbat Ki.
Phir Wo Sab Kuch Dekha Ker Adami Se Kehta Hai,
“Ab Bata Tera Mere Siwa Kon Hai?”

Many more novels of Umera Ahmed are top listed in readers list. She has supernatural command in novel writing which touch the reader’s heart.

Child Abuse Statistics and Awareness about Child Abuse

Child abuse
Teri Chah Mein

It’s very difficult to imagine that anyone intentionally hurting a child. Still about 1 million children are abused every year just in the US alone. Not just 1 million but these are only the reported occurrence of child abuse, many other cases are not reported and undiscovered, often because children are frightened to tell someone who can help them out. Child abuse took place almost in every country worldwide and many countries hide this dangerous issue to save their world image. Normally it took place when parents forget their responsibilities and start ignoring their child and do trust on anonymous or caregiver to handover their child, here the main reason of child abuse is home disputes which take place when mother or father cant live together and the result become in shape of divorce. It totally destroy the kids and they go in depression, because they could not imagine their life without any of them. If mother leaves the kid then father got marry 2nd time and mostly many of them start doing blind trust on their 2nd wife and completely handover child to brand new step relation and here the story begins. Innocent minds of babies couldn’t understand the evil face of society and this will damage their personality and everyone took advantage of their innocence. On the other hand if  father leave the kids then women got married 2nd time then chances of child abuse might be intensify because step father couldn’t be your real father but now a days we could not trust on any one even on real blood relations. In rural areas many cases found about sex relation in blood relations. Is it really paucity of education or something else never know about it, but if its really paucity of education or awareness then why these cases happens in foreign countries? As they are highly educated and also educate about extra awareness of sexual issues. Many abusers are strangers so never leave your child with any servant alone at home or outside even, specially in toddler age because your toddler is still unable to understand the evilness of society, they are innocent, they are angles. This shameful act of child abuse also addressed in Madarsas where they kill the kids after doing such shameful act, even many times media reports such cases but the result was nil. Many kids gone victims and some of them might be gone survivors, the quantity of survivors is too less then victims, there are many reasons behind the story.

Indications and Signs:

It’s not easy always to identify when a child has been mistreated or get abused. Children who have been ill-treated are frequently scared to tell anybody, because they think they will be censure or might be no one will trust on them. Many times they lats silent because the reason behind is person who abused them is one they love too much, or might be because of trepidation. Here the parents also gravitate to overlook symptoms of abuse, because they do not want to face the veracity and this is a really momentous mistake. The child who has been abused needs extra special care and support as more as possible.


*Never leave your child alone with any one accept his own blood relation.
*Give your child free space to share everything with you and
listen carefully what your child want to say to you even with words or through the actions.
*Taught him to never go alone along with any one without your permission.
Being Human its our responsibility to loud our voice for such blameworthy and wrong doings which are taking place in our society and the ratio of victims is increasing day by day.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump the nominee of republican party for US president 2016. He was born in 14th June 1946 and known as an American Businessman and television producer. He also earn some name by spitting shit about Muslims and Islam. Currently he stand for US president nomination against Hillary Clinton. Hilary Clinton is the best American politician and the wife of previous president Bill Clinton. She was born on 26th October 1947. Currently she is leading in polls and much strong candidate than trump. Still its too early to decide about the leading because its politics and you never know the results before the final decision.

Despite of the nearness of current preferences to participate, 80 percent of likely voters still expect Hillary Clinton to win. This, too, may be a hazard to her, potentially cheering some Clinton followers not to hassle voting. Hillary Clinton continues to lead Trump in 2 key ascribe. Hillary is seen as more eligible to serve as president by a substantial 54-36% of supporters. She’s also seen to have a stronger moral character, although by a closer 46-38%.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s leading in the polls over Republican Donald Trump is dribbling still as controversy nurture over her use of a personal email server while serving as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton’s number of chances of winning the White House are just marginally more than 77 % , as stated by polls rating till now, so it gives Trump only 23% possibility of success on the 8th November 2016, so here shows that the Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning remains high than Trump. Well it’s too early to analyze the effect of the most recent email scandal could have an impact on Hillary Clinton’s election campaign but heretofore the Trump was up ground in recent time. His chances of winning had descended suddenly in the early Oct after he was smack with a waggle of affirmation that he sexually abused women. Many Asian countries are also in the favor of Clinton because Trump’s previous record about Muslims and Islam ruined his image in Muslim countries. Trump also plan to ban Muslim immigrants in US while he is earning millions by business deals in Muslim countries where Islam is the main religion.  While Mrs.Clinton had some soft corner for Muslims and she clear her statement by this phrase “We are a country founded on religious freedom and liberty” and this is the democracy. So we loud our voice for Hillary Clinton as she possibly become the future US president.

Freedom of Media in Pakistan

chai wala afia sidiqui qandeel baloch

Freedom of media shows the country’s image to the world and personally i am in veneration of this freedom, but now a days its strenuous to decide that either our media is using freedom or taking privilege of this freedom. Like seriously, media and their correspondent forget that how to work for the country in manners. Qandeel baloch is a big example of media trial. We all know where she belongs from and what she does, but our media make her social star. Mufti Qawi, we all know about him, he was member of royat hilal committee and might be had some social or personal terms with Qandeel Baloch. Whatever between them but our media colored it in very wrong way, all channels gave breaking news about her terms with Mufti Qawi. Finally she left the world because her brother kill her on the name of honor. She was more than son for her parents and was the only light in dark. I am not accepting that her brother kills her, its the media who kills her. Cherry on the top, her parents specially her father  inculpate Mufti Qawi for her homicide but then nobody screen her and she conceal forever. Secondly the female journalist get smacked by FC police servant. Firstly i feel very bad for her, but later than watched the video and her words plus acts to FC servant was totally insufferable. She was pulling him from uniform and used abusive language so this result expected from FC servant. He was right i don’t know but he was not wrong. Media just extend across the limits some of the times. Last but not least, media loud their voice for inconsequential issues such as Chai wala, (here let me more delineate, Nida Yasir was invited him in her show and she continued embarrass him by talking him in English. as every1 knows he is simple man with limited education and also shy type guy. Nida Yasir insist him to make selfies with all the ladies their in the show.) Imran Khan’s 4th marriage ( which is not true),  Justin sisters and so on, but media doesn’t loud their voice for such serious and important issues like about Afia Siddiqui, she was in US jail since years but nobody cares. she is MIT trained neuroscientist and in prison for no reason, she is daughter of a country but here no honor, no media, no politicians.

Welcome Note of Loud Your Voice

Welcome to my website. This is just greeting article and hereby i want to introduce the basic purpose of “loud your voice”. This is place where you can find interested content contains multiple topics like current affairs, social issues, women rights, human rights and yes something about entertainment as well. This is my first ever experience to have my own place of writing what i want since years. I will try to give my best and comply google policies as well. This is just a welcome note. Furthermore is coming soon. Your response mean alot to me. Stay connected for more updates. Loud your voice to make the world listen.